The Ritedose Corporation Donates Hand Sanitizer To Hospitals In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

Columbia based pharmaceutical company responds to the nation-wide shortage of hand sanitizer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the company announces plan to provide $500 special compensation to its employees.

COLUMBIA, S.C., March 25, 2020 — The Ritedose Corporation, a Columbia based pharmaceutical company, takes decisive action in response to the community impact of COVD-19 announcing it has donated about 1,500 bottles of hand sanitizer to Prisma Health and other South Carolina healthcare facilities. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, hand sanitizer has been in high demand and hard to find on store shelves. The shortage has affected hospitals and healthcare workers who are on the front lines, treating patients infected with coronavirus. The Ritedose Corporation started producing hand sanitizer for its Columbia facility following the shortage. The company decided to respond to this crisis, by donating its hand sanitizer to those who need it most, and they plan to continue providing hand sanitizer throughout the community. Another donation is planned for a mental health facility and Family Shelter, a temporary housing complex for families in Columbia.

The Ritedose Corporation is a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Columbia, South Carolina.
Many businesses are imposing layoffs, downsizing their workforce as a result of the coronavirus. A company like The Ritedose Corporation however, has a responsibility like few others to deliver critical medication to patients and healthcare providers. Employees at The Ritedose Corporation are working tirelessly as production ramps up for the manufacture of respiratory medications, hand sanitizer and a solution for a potential rapid COVID-19 test kit. While the company remains focused on responding with solutions for the community, it recognizes that its employees are financially impacted by the coronavirus. From increased child-care and other household related costs, to family members displaced from work, many are facing difficult circumstances. To ease this anxiety, the company is providing its employees with $500 of special compensation.

“At TRC, we always ask ourselves, what can we do? We know that the community needs us. However, our TRC family members also need us. When the current COVID-19 crisis first started impacting our employees’ ability to get hand sanitizer, the decision was made. As we scaled up production of sanitizer, it became clear that hospitals and front-line providers have a critical need; a need we could help fill. In addition, our employees and their families are facing financial challenges. We have to act now. Our TRC family members need help now, so the $500 special compensation decision was made,” said Jody Chastain, President and CEO at The Ritedose Corporation.

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About The Ritedose Corporation: The Ritedose Corporation is one of the world’s highest capacity Blow Fill Seal facilities and currently serves multiple clients from clinical trials through full-scale commercialization, specializing in the production of inhalation products, eye drops, eardrops, and oral liquids. A new outsourcing facility will focus on the production, packaging and distribution of compounded drug products for physicians and hospitals.

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