A mission that matters.

Guiding the development of molecules from clinical trials to commercialization, advancing the aseptic manufacturing of branded and generic inhalation and ophthalmic medications, and compounding unit dose syringes have one thing in common – no margin for error.

Ritedose rigorously controls its supply chain, systems, processes and outcomes to produce pharmaceutical products that provide maximum risk mitigation and the safest delivery system possible. Our work is done in deference not only to patients, but to the people who care for them. Our passion for this endeavor is 8 billion doses strong.

Our journey.

Founded in 1995 in Columbia, S.C., The Ritedose Corporation is an industry leader in pharmaceutical development, aseptic cGMP manufacturing and 503B outsourcing solutions, and has mastered blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology to ensure sterile, efficient, consistent and safe unit dose delivery. Ritedose customers range from small startups and large pharmaceutical companies to wholesalers, retail pharmacies and hospital systems; 99% are U.S. companies.

Our highly touted, 25-year track record includes delivery of more than 8 billion doses since 2012 without a single interruption and an exceptional inspection history and compliance record as noted by regulators, including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, multiple state Boards of Pharmacy, U.S. Pharmacopeia and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Facilities that support 2+ billion units a year.

Ritedose conducts all its development, manufacturing and packaging on a 33-acre campus in South Carolina. With more than 400 employees occupying 273,000 square feet – a 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility adjacent to a 153,000-square-foot packaging and distribution facility – our annual capacity is 2+ billion units.

Through a $7 million investment in 2018, we expanded operations and added the Ritedose Outsourcing Facility. This 503B facility manufactures and delivers sterile, pre-filled syringe products for hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., focusing on drugs that are medically necessary and in short supply nationally.

They are our why.

Ours is a culture rooted in honoring the patient. In every product we develop, every process we improve, every drug we manufacture, we see patients and those who deliver their care. It’s why we have exacting standards and an eagerness to make everything right.

An invested community partner.

Ritedose is dedicated to the community we call home. We provide financial support and volunteers to local organizations like Homeless No More, Epworth Children’s Home, Ronald McDonald House, Harvest Hope Food Bank and more.

As Columbia and the nation have grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ritedose has worked to uphold our team and support those in the community impacted by the public health and economic crises. Here’s how:

  • Supplied 1,500 bottles of hand sanitizer to local hospitals and front-line workers
  • Deployed three 3D printers operating 24/7 to make more than 65,000 ear-savers, then donated them to front-line healthcare workers to use with masks
  • Provided special compensation to employees to address economic challenges


Jody Chastain

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Franchak

Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Miller

Chief Information Officer

Uday Doshi

VP of Scientific Affairs

Mohammad Sadeghi

VP of Quality

Angie Koen

VP of Technical Services

Shawn Collins

VP of Operations

Lori Wedemyer

Director of HR

Carol Morgan

Business Development


  • 1995

    TRC (formerly Holopack International) founded in Columbia SC

  • 2000

    TRC receives FDA approval to manufacture & distribute drug products

  • 2003

    TRC obtains first ANDA

  • 2005

    Installation of Rommelag 460 and automated packaging line Capacity of 500 Million units

  • 2008

    TRC obtains second ANDA and has an annual capacity of 700 Million units

  • 2009

    Olympus Partners acquires Holopack International and forms The Ritedose Corporation

  • 2012

    TRC obtains third ANDA

  • 2013

    EU compliant expansion Quality & Development Lab expansion

  • 2016

    TRC obtains fourth ANDA and has an annual capacity of 1.7 Billion units with 10 BFS machines, 4 fully automatic packaging lines and 1 semi-automatic packing line

  • 2017

    TRC acquired by international investors led by private equity firms based in the U.S. and Hong Kong

  • 2018

    Plant expansion of over 150,000 sq ft for packaging and distribution

  • 2019

    TRC registers with FDA as a 503B Outsourcing and Repackaging Facility

Pioneers in aseptic production of sterile, single-dose medication